Nannys Sweets

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Nannys Sweets is a baking business owned by a young woman who loves to put smiles on peoples faces and make them lick their fingers after having one of her delicious cupcakes, cakes, or cake pops! The client wanted her logo to have happy paste colors. She wanted a logo that shouted, creative, quick, quality, and decadent. The creation of the logo was followed by a business card design that definitely gave Nannys Sweets a memorable trademark. Through the whole design process, I kept thinking of the future for this company. What will the packaging look like? What will their company shirts look like? Posters? Etc! With a simple pattern, that had different baking icons, really made the business cards pop out without losing focus on the logo. May I say, every time I look at this logo and business card, I want a red velvet cupcake!

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