Alpha Omega Construction Group

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Operating for more than 20 years, Alpha Omega Construction Group is a construction company that provides roofing, siding, gutter, and repair services. I was just a little girl when they were just starting their roofing business. Who would've known I would be ask to brand their company in the future? When it comes to construction companies, great branding doesn't really fall under the "Needs" category. That's where many construction companies go wrong. Your companies branding reflects the kind of work you do and how much you care about the work you do. When Alpha Omega asked me to help make their construction company stand out from the others, I didn't think twice to say yes. Being able to brand a company from scratch is the best opportunity that could be given to me. To start off, I had to upgrade their logo just a little, making it look cleaner, but it still looked exactly the same as their previous logo. It would have been too much work to change the logo, it being such a big company and their clients already recognized them by their logo. The company colors started out with a dated burgundy color, but in the brand design process, I focused on 4 colors: Red, Black, Gray, and White. My focus was to make an old company look like a fresh,new, modern company. Font choice was very important, so I found 2 fonts that I used throughout the whole brand, and at times, I made an exception to use a third font if it was needed. Branding can go a long way and now Alpha Omega's website, advertising, and social media have a distinctive look and this has helped their company expand and grow into 11 locations.

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