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I was known as a passionate artist to my family and friends ever since I was a child. The day my parents caught me drawing with crayons on the walls, they knew that there was nothing they could do, but to let me keep drawing, on paper of course. Through all my schooling years, I would take advantage of art classes, but if I had to say where I learned most of my artistic abilities, it would have to be by hanging out with friends who are artists, receiving advice and learning techniques from them and learning a few drawing techniques on my own. If you’re wondering why I am talking about art if I’m a graphic designer, well this is why. It wasn’t until the end of my 8th grade year, I got into computer graphics. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to computers and art, so why not become a graphic designer?! I’ve had the privilege to sell many art pieces in exhibitions and work on designs for many clients, including clients outside the U.S., down in South America. Today, I work as a freelance graphic designer and artist and I will continue to expand my devotion towards the art of design.

Why me?

I’m a freelancer

You save money hiring me only when you need a project done. You need me, I’m there.

I’m experienced and open minded

I have experience working in print shops and designing for a big company. More importantly,  I love challenges and learning new things.

I’m easy and fun to work with

Your project process shouldn’t be boring and exhausting, but easy, exciting and professional. You’re designing something unique and great and then sharing it with the world!

I’m devoted

I’m passionate about what I do and that clearly reflects on the work I do.

Extra FACTS about me

I promise you I have a life other than designing!

I'm an artist
My second passion is art. Feel free to learn more about the artwork I create and accomplishments I’ve had in this field.
Secretly...I'm an author
One of my favorite projects I got to do in life: create a children’s book!
I'm a wannabe chef
I love eating food, but honestly I rather cook it and make it look fancy.

How can I help you?

If you need my help for your next project, have any questions about the services I provide, or just want to say hi, I would love to hear from you. Fill out the form below or shoot me an email at mayra.ortiz7905@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Acknowledgement determines success

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